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Discussion about the therapeutic radiography personal statement and getting help writing the personal statement.

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What You Should Know about the Therapeutic Radiography Personal Statement

therapeutic radiography personal statementThe therapeutic radiography personal statement is your best chance of standing out in a crowd of therapeutic radiography applicants. Most programs have far more applicants than available openings, so you need a way of making a compelling case for yourself. The personal statement is your chance to show you are deserving of being accepted into the radiography therapeutic program that you have applied to. Records of your grades and test scores are expected to be good so do little to single you out and get you noticed. Admissions tutors are looking for the answers to several questions in your personal statement even if they don’t ask the questions directly. They want to know why you want to study therapeutic radiography, and what personal characteristic and qualities you have that would be an asset to a therapeutic radiographer. To write a more effective personal statement take these steps:

  • Research the schools you are applying to, and determine what personal characteristics they find most desirable in applicants. University websites and personal statement examples from previous applicants are two possible places to find this information.
  • Write your personal statement in a way that shows you posses the qualities that the particular school finds most beneficial to radiography therapy.

Therapeutic Radiography Personal Statement Requirements

As long as your personal statement stays within the length restriction of 4000 characters and contains no plagiarism there are no other set requirements. The therapeutic radiography personal statement basically need to cover two major questions:

  • Why you are applying to study radiography therapy? Discuss your reasons for wanting to study therapeutic radiography, what interests you about it, and future ambitions in the field.
  • What makes you suited to study therapeutic radiography? Admissions are looking at personal qualities that are hard to quantify such as hard working, empathetic etc. Show relevant characteristics gained through work or school and provide evidence by giving examples where you have displayed these qualities.

Answers that are written in clear and concise language and written in a way that holds the reader’s interest is what admissions likes to see. If you are unsure of the best way to write your personal statement, you may want to consider getting help from the professional radiography personal statement service we provide.

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