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Focus Your UCAS Personal Statement

ucas radiographyIn order to apply to a radiography program in Great Britain, you will likely be doing so through UCAS. Most applications to universities and colleges in Great Britain go through UCAS. Part of the radiography application process will be writing a UCAS radiography personal statement. UCAS handles all types of programs and subject areas and submits applicants information to the requested school. When applying to a specific type of program such as radiography, UCAS personal statements should be written with that specific type of program in mind for it to be effective. When writing the UCAS radiography personal statement:

  • View the websites for the specific schools to which you are applying. Often programs will say what skills and qualities they value in applicants, and you can write your statement to reflect those desired characteristics
  • Review radiography personal statement examples for UCAS from past applicants who were accepted into programs to get an idea of what admissions like to see

UCAS Radiography Personal Statement Requirements

There are only really two hard and fast rules when writing UCAS radiography personal statement which are 1) Keep the personal statement to no more than 47 lines or 4000 characters including spaces and 2) Don’t plagiarize any part of your personal statement. However, while they might not be specific requirements, there are some general guidelines that it would be advisable to follow including:

  • Present your information in a way that best displays the qualities you want to show.
  • Avoid jokes, quotes, and clichés in your personal statement; do not waste your space for unnecessary information.
  • Tell why you want to study radiography and show that you are passionate and motivated by using examples as evidence.
  • Proofread your personal statement. A statement full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes doesn’t make a good impression.

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