Radiography UCAS Personal Statement Structure

Applying for a course in radiography means that you have to prepare various documents such as application form, transcripts of record, letters of recommendation, and personal statement to be submitted at the same time. For many applicants, writing UCAS personal statement is not easy because they are not really sure what to write about. Add to this the fact that they will be competing with other applicants and the pressure of delivering quality statement and for sure they’ll be scratching their heads on what they’re going to include in their essay. If you are faced with the same problem as other applicants, the best way to get around this is to look for samples.

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Tips to Writing UCAS Personal Statement

ucas personal statement structure and requirements

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Your personal statement plays a role in your application where you get to talk about yourself without any hindrances. It is the best place for you to show why you are perfect for the radiography course. However, if you are having a hard time talking about yourself or that you are not really sure where to start in your personal statement the first thing for you to do is to study the course. As an applicant, it is your responsibility to learn what the radiography course is all about so that you will know what is expected of you. From there, you should be able to pinpoint which among your set skills are appropriate for the program so that you will be able to highlight them in your statement. A good personal essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion where the intro hooks the reader immediately. The body is where you will write what makes you a good candidate for the program and the conclusion is a reiteration of your positive skills and knowledge about radiography programs. Make sure that you double check your work afterwards because you don’t want to send a paper that is riddled with grammar errors and the like.

Sample of UCAS Personal Statement Structure

The best way to get an idea on how personal statements are written is to look for samples that are written by students and experts alike. This will give you insight on how others have formulated their essay and what structure they are following.

Here is a sample statement:

“I took a leave from school after I graduated from high school as I was still undecided on what course to take. In that year, I was able to work in a Cancer Support Center where I was immersed in an environment where I could see cancer patients battling their illness day after day. From that experience, I learned that as a radiographer, I will be in a position to assist cancer patients in their process of healing. I researched on what particular radiography course to take up that will lead me back to this kind of work and sure enough, the diagnostic radiography came in my sight. I was then given further opportunity to see how a diagnostic radiographer worked in my stint in the Support Center and from there I’ve decided that this was what I was going to pursue today.”

Outstanding Personal Statement

Writing UCAS radiography personal statement won’t be easy but you can start in the right track if you follow the tips mentioned above. Preparing your statement as early as possible is highly recommended because you will be able to make changes where you see fit that will improve your paper further.

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