Radiology Jokes: Why Being a Radiologist Is Fun

Radiology engages medical imaging for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases found within a human’s body. Some of the imaging techniques involved would include X-ray radiography, computed tomography, ultrasound, as well as magnetic resonance imaging. A radiologist is trained to use these techniques and applicable equipment in carrying out their professional duties.

Interesting Career and Statistical Facts about Radiology Profession

  • As mentioned earlier, a radiologist is an expert in the field of medicine known as radiology. The duties and responsibilities include obtaining medical images and interpreting them.
  • Radiology info statistics shows that about 12% of the entire medical experts specialised in radiology. Becoming a radiologist requires going through several years of specialised training, which in turn qualifies the person to become a certified radiologist.
  • The job description of a radiologist; it includes reading the results of the images obtained. In addition, he or she may also provide assessment needed for the patient’s further treatment or may consult other medical experts. These experts also use radiation or image guided surgery to treat disease in addition to diagnosing the disease.
  • There are many sub-specialties in the field of radiology. These sub specialities may include cardiovascular radiology, breast imaging, emergency radiology, chest radiology and genitourinary radiology. And, a radiologist may choose to focus on any of these sub-specialties.
  • Income; According to info by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, physicians, including radiologists, are in the top-earner list/categories when compared to the rest of the occupations and professions.
  • Radiologists and other physicians who are self-employed seem to earn more income than their counterparts receiving salaries.
  • The annual median income of radiologists and the rest of physicians was $339,738 in 2008

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The Most Popular Universities for Radiology Studies

There are many universities around the world that offer radiology course. However, some universities stand out from the rest and would include the following;

  • Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, John Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland
  • Wash U School of Medicine in St. Louis, Washington University, Saint Louis, Missouri
  • Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  • UC San Diego School of Medicine, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, California
  • David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California Los Angeles
  • Harvard Medical School, Harvard University
  • Yale School of Medicine, Yale University New Haven, Connecticut
  • Pittsburg School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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What It Means Being a Radiologist

Being a radiologist requires more than undergoing specialised training and getting a certification. It takes more to provide quality radiologic imaging using the specialised equipment.

The expert also needs some personal qualities such as the following;

  • Compassion: In fact, an internet-based magazine for radiologists, RT Image, states that compassion is the number one personal attribute required in this medical field. The expert needs to possess the ability to relate cordially with the patient, just as they would do with their own family.
  • Communication: This is also a key personal quality for radiology techs. They need to communicate effectively with everyone they come across in the course of carrying out their duty – their fellow radiologists, other medical professionals, and their patients. Particularly, they should be able to effectively communicate the image result of a patient to him or her.
  • Professionalism: This is also key in discharging this medical duty. The qualities for professionalism include organisational skills, as well as being dependable and responsible

Funny Radiologist Joke

  • A radiologist’s 5-year old son once asked him, “Dad, what do you do?”

Radiologist: Son, I obtain medical images of patients.

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Son: But dad, I don’t see you going to work with your camera. How do you take the images?

Radiologist: I use special equipment, not the regular camera.

Son: Ok dad, I got it now!

  • The discussion of a patient with a radiologist

Patient: My doctor requested for my ribcage image. I’m really scared…

Radiologist: But why are you scared?

Patient: You’re going to pass a camera right into my ribs to capture my ribcage image of course! That’s definitely scary!

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