Radiology Letters of Recommendation Professional Writing Guide

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The Importance of Good Letters of Recommendation for Radiology Residency Applications

Many applicants for residency programs are disappointed every year, either to not be accepted into their first choice or not to be accepted at all. Places are fought over fiercely and if you are not able to make an impact with your application and get your name known then you are likely to be disappointed. Well written radiology letters of recommendation can make a huge difference to your chances of being accepted.

However, writing persuasive and effective residency application radiology letters of recommendation is far from easy. Just a word out of place or neglect to say something and you can scupper someone’s chances. This is why if you really want to write something that is going to be effective you will need some help.

Our radiology LoR writing services can support you with all areas of application. From an effective LoR to answering radiology essay topics for your admissions essay. All of our support is provided through highly qualified experts that have many years of experience supporting applicants to gain their residency places, you can check our radiology essay example.

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Does a Letter Need to Be Tailored to a Specific Institution?

Residency letters are required to be uploaded into ERAS and the recommender will be sent an email and a link through which they can make the upload. What is written in the letter should be able to show that the graduate being recommended meets the specific needs of the program that they are being recommended for. So while many will ask for a general “generic” letter of recommendation for radiology having duke radiology letters of recommendation for that specific application could be more effective.

Just as tailoring Stanford radiology residency letters of recommendation would be more effective there. While there is no requirement to tailor the letters it should be realized that the better the letter reflects the specific expectations of the program the more likely the application will be successful.

How to Write the Most Effective Radiology Letters of Recommendation

Firstly you will receive an email from ERAS providing you with your login to upload the LoR as well as instructions. Always follow the guidelines so that the letter will be uploaded correctly and you will have provided what they expect from you. Writing an effective letter should start by deciding if you are the right person to make the recommendation. If you have limited knowledge of the person or nothing positive to say then it is always best to decline the request to write the LoR.

If you are going to write the LoR then you should always start by asking the person that you are recommending for some information to support your writing. Typically you will want:

  • Their current resume or CV
  • Their radiology fellowship personal statement
  • Details of how you know them: classes they have attended with you etc.
  • Details of any specific achievements that are memorable and worth mentioning
  • Details of the specific programs that they are applying to and their specific interest in the position

Once you have this information you will be in a position to start your actual writing based around the information that they have provided for you as a reminder as to who they are. The following guidance will help you with your writing:

  • Keep your writing to just one or two pages maximum. Any more than this simply will go unread.
  • Provide details of how you know the applicant and in what way. Was your relationship an academic one or within a clinical setting.
  • Provide an assessment of the applicants performance with regards to their ability to learn and apply the information that they have learned. Tailor this information to the expectations of the programs that they are applying to.
  • Quantify and provide specific information. If they were top of your class or one of the best performing students in a clinical setting then say so. The more specific you can be the stronger your recommendation will appear.
  • Provide a recommendation: do not simply assess their ability, state that you recommend them for the program and how well you feel they will perform.

Provide the reader with contact information and let them know that you will be happy to furnish additional information if it is required.

Carefully proofread the letter to ensure that you don’t allow any errors to slip through.

What to Avoid When Writing an Effective Letter of Recommendation

There are also some things that you should consider that really should always be avoided when writing your letter of recommendation:

  • Avoid including personal information such as race, age, sexual orientation and other information that is simply not relevant to the application.
  • Do not criticize the individuals performance in any way, if you feel that you have to then simply refuse to write the letter.
  • Avoid unsupported praise: saying how wonderful someone is without any detail to back it up will be totally ineffective.
  • Don’t lie or embellish the truth: you are not doing them any favors if you say that they can do something if they cannot. You also have to consider your own reputation.

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We Can Help Write Your LoR for Radiology

Whether you just want to see an example radiology letter of recommendation and advice for writing or you need support with your writing or editing our experts can help you. We provide our services through medically trained specialists that have many years of experience supporting applicants in this area. Each has excellent English skills and fully understands how to put together a LoR for the program that you are applying to.

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If you have been asked to provide radiology letters of recommendation just get in touch with our specialist team to ensure that they are written effectively at a price you cannot argue with!